Invest in Your Business, and Not be Hindered by Your System's IT Capabilities and Costs

With Bluehelix, business owners do not need to worry about system development, hardware investment and building up a maintenance teams. Simply pay a license fee to access a ready-made platform instantly. Business owners can focus on their business operation and expansion to better capture market opportunity. Using Bluehelix SaaS service will save business owners millions of dollars in development costs as well as time.

Bluehelix's Superstructure Gives the Most Secure and Efficient Platform

Based on Bluehelix unique technology for its hybrid cloud trading platform, Bluehelix has advantage over assets security, transaction credibility and capability of horizontal expansion. Additionally, Bluehelix has created a financial-level architecture which is completely independent of exchanges, brokers and clearing& custody.

Bluehelix Solution Will Drive Your Business in Multiple
Application Scenarios

Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange from Scratch

An idealistic exchange business but restricted by the
cost of development

Bluehelix has rich experience in exchange technology development and operation and its focused on providing professional trading system services to its global enterprise clients, helping partners to kick-start their trading business. To-date Bluehelix has served more than 300 clients in the crypto exchange business globally.

SaaS Exchange System Upgrade

Existing crypto exchanges wish to stay focus and
reduce costs but at the same want to improve
system performance and liquidity

With Bluehelix and its extremely high system performance and maintenance support, exchanges with insufficient technical competitiveness and a tight budget can improve their business structure and liquidity to gain market competitiveness comparable to the first-tire exchanges. Bluehelix derivatives products support one-click integration for exchanges, share the liquidity of Bluehelix umbrella and provide a comprehensive risk control system to help exchanges to iterate and innovate quickly.

Liquidity Upgrade

Focus on solving the problems of poor liquidity and
insufficient depth of mainstream cryptocurrencies,
helping exchanges, brokers and institutional
investors to reduce cost and increase efficiency

Market depth from top 10 leading crypto exchanges and over 50 main cryptocurrency pairs, optimize the liquidity of leading cryptocurrencies by hedging and market-making. Bluehelix ecological liquidity sharing and liquidity aggregation from external platforms, providing 2-5 times funds allocation for leverage with minimal amount of collateral for margin to achieve 100 times leverage. Market-making algorithms, performance analysis and continuous development of infrastructure to maintain an industry-leading position.

System Iteration

2000+ non-stop upgrades / year

Save Cost on R & D and O & M

Millions / year

Economic Value from Time and Cost Savings

From thousands to tens of thousands of dollars/ month

Security Assurances

Bluehelix 100% proof of reserve

Bluehelix Ecological Value-added Service

Leverage Funding

  • Support fiat currency
  • Support cryptocurrency funding services

Industry Tie-up

  • Top media agencies
  • Price-tracking websites
  • Experience sharing of exchange operation and regular meetings on assets introduction

Legal Compliance Services

  • Overseas entity establishment
  • Legal consultation

Business Consulting

  • Liquidity solutions
  • Market making services