• Unlimited API Speed, Exclusive Resources Available to Exchanges for Their Contract Business


  • One-Time Set up to Access a Variety of Financial Institutional-Grade Contract Products


  • Support 1-100x Leverage


  • Full Business Suites Include Inverse and USDT Perpetual Contract, Cross Margin and Full Margin with Instant Deployment Capability


  • Customizable Contract for Altcoin Trading Pairs


Product Advantages

Cloud Liquidity Sharing

The cloud platform shares market depth across Bluehelix Cloud network without the need for market makers

Insurance Funds Sharing

Apprehensive proof of losses caused by contract trading

Comprehensive Risk Control System

A risk control system composed of risk limit, tiered maintenance, auto deleverage (ADL), forced liquidation and risk control system which effectively reduces the risks that debilitate users when under extreme market conditions

Multiple Advanced Orders

Iceberg Order, Trigger Order, Stop-Limit and Stop-Loss, IOC, FOK, and Post-Only Order Instruction to satisfy professional derivatives trading needs

Simulation Trading Zone

Support online simulation trading zone with test tokens

Perpetual Contract Trading Interface