Universal Partnership Program

Bluehelix's Universal Partnership Program is a mutually beneficial collaboration based on uniting industry partners to help to expand their business. At Bluehelix we believe that we must have a spirit of “Dare to Dream” before developing a brand and“Pal up” is the key to the process of business development. Dreams can inspire us with wisdom and spur us on to make Bluehelix a reputable brand while friends can help us embrace the richness of the present and look forward to a bright future.

On the 3rd anniversary of Bluehelix in 2021, we are launching the "Bluehelix's Universal Partnership Program" for the blockchain industry. This is a development program with the widest coverage focusing on individual partnership. This program invites partners who are active and ave a positive attitude and are willing to work with us to expand our business.

As long as our partners understand the business and collaborates in spring brand awareness in their networks to achieve a positive outcome for Bluehelix, they will be rewarded with a lucrative commission.

The “Bluehelix's Universal Partnership Program” is not only an exchange of resources and money but also a process where brand reputation and demeanor are mutually reinforcing. Bluehelix has served the industry with its technology for over 3 years, the affirmation and reputation eared will be shared with our partners.

The market has never in want of un-supportive attitude but only people with determination will succeed. Let's work together and make a difference in the blockchain market.

Please contact us to learn more about partnership terms and rebate rules.