Bluehelix Builds Blockchain Financial Infrastructure and Drive the
Development of Industry Applications

Stable and Scalable

  • The software architecture supports the expansion of crypto exchanges in terms of new business modules and users base
  • Hardware architecture supports horizontal and vertical scaling of severs
  • Unique financial institutional-grade architecture and the performance system supports future business development
  • 99.99% system availability

Multiple Deployment Methods

  • Supports the SaaS mode with front-end independent deployment, cost efficient on operations, development and maintenance
  • Supports hybrid cloud and source-coded private cloud mode deployment, protect users data and operating information

Multiple-Layer Security Protection

  • Effectively prevents internal and external attacks on multiple dimensions
  • Capable of preventing DDOS attack
  • Isolation of hot and cold wallet with multi-signature
  • Patent decentralized clearing and custody system

Server-Wide Support

  • Cloud server, CDN acceleration, SMS channel and other server support with saving up to $5000 annually
Pursuing Excellence, Every Iteration is to Deliver the Ultimate
Leading Trading System
  • Order Processing Time Limit
  • Single Trading Pair with
  • System Build
  • Usability Promise
  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Security of Funds
    100%proof of reserve
  • Upgrade within 2 Years
  • API Quotes and Trade Requests
    Unlimited Order


Provides Cost-Efficient, More Powerful, Greater Scalability and Full Stack Solutions

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Bluehelix Service

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Valuation of Custody Assets

Bluehelix Founding Team

Finance· Internet ·Blockchain

Bluehelix founding team consists of top talents from various top tier tech and financial giants such as Google, Alibaba ,Tencent ,Baidu, Barclays Capital and Société Générale. They come with extensive industry experience in the fields of global finance, blockchain, technology.

Famous Companies and Institutions

White label/SaaS Standard/SaaS Pro are available for different business requirements

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