Bluehelix Builds Blockchain Financial Infrastructure and Drive the
Development of Industry Applications

Stable and Scalable

  • The software architecture supports the expansion of crypto exchanges in terms of new business modules and users base
  • Hardware architecture supports horizontal and vertical scaling of severs
  • Unique financial institutional-grade architecture and the performance system supports future business development
  • 99.99% system availability

Multiple Deployment Methods

  • Supports the SaaS mode with front-end independent deployment, cost efficient on operations, development and maintenance
  • Supports hybrid cloud and source-coded private cloud mode deployment, protect users data and operating information

Multiple-Layer Security Protection

  • Effectively prevents internal and external attacks on multiple dimensions
  • Capable of preventing DDOS attack
  • Isolation of hot and cold wallet with multi-signature
  • Patent decentralized clearing and custody system

Server-Wide Support

  • Cloud server, CDN acceleration, SMS channel and other server support with saving up to $5000 annually
Pursuing Excellence, Every Iteration is to Deliver the Ultimate
Leading Trading System
  • Order Processing Time Limit
  • Single Trading Pair with
  • System Build
  • Usability Promise
  • Recovery Time Objective
  • Security of Funds
    100%proof of reserve
  • Upgrade within 2 Years
  • API Quotes and Trade Requests
    Unlimited Order


Provides Cost-Efficient, More Powerful, Greater Scalability and Full Stack Solutions

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Bluehelix Founding Team

Finance· Internet ·Blockchain

Bluehelix founding team consists of top talents from various top tier tech and financial giants such as Google, Alibaba ,Tencent ,Baidu, Barclays Capital and Société Générale. They come with extensive industry experience in the fields of global finance, blockchain, technology.

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我们很遗憾地通知您,按照各地监管和法律要求,自2021年10月2日起,Bluehelix SaaS Cloud将陆续关停SassS运营服务,直至2021年10月16日,关停全部服务,之后将不再继续提供SaaS运营服务。



本公告发布一周后(10月2日): 所有在中国大陆运营,或服务于中国注册用户的SaaS客户, 将停止所有新用户注册,充值,场外/P2P交易,合约交易, LETF交易,杠杆交易和聚合交易等功能;现货交易和提币功能仍然保持正常。对于选择私有化部署的海外客户,新用户注册将照常进行,但私有化部署需要两个月时间,请知晓。

本公告发布两周后(10月9日): 所有现货交易功能将全部终止,所有SaaS平台仅支持提现; 贵交易所客服团队可自行操作提现工作。



关于9月14日发布的“币核云关于调整 ERC20 提币手续费的通知“,由于Bluehelix SaaS过去一直在垫付ERC20,TRC20,HECO和BEP20 Token的资金归集费用,在此业务关停期间,我们将停止相应的垫付,我们也会尽快提交相关的gas费明细。



Bluehelix SaaS团队


Dear Bluehelix Client,

We regret to inform you that due to the vast policy change, Bluehelix SaaS Cloud will actively embrace the relevant regulatory provisions to seize up our total operation. From October 2, 2021, Bluehelix SaaS Cloud will continue to seize up SassS operation services until October 16, 2021, all services will be closed, after which it will no longer continue to provide SaaS operation services.

We understand such notice was informed in a rather short notice, but more we would like to provide our service for your business in a secured manner. Meanwhile, we do offer options for privatization - where we can handle over the full set of source code to you, and you can hire your own tech team & deploy your owner server to continue the business operation. You can contact your designated SaaS Tech Support Team for further details.

Here is the timeline effective from this announcement:

One week after this announcement (Oct 2nd): For all SaaS client operating in mainland China, or servicing users registered in China, all New user registration, Deposit, OTC/P2P function, Contract Trading, LEFT Trading, Margin Trading & Aggregated Trading will be terminated, while spot trading & withdrawal function remains as normal. For overseas client choosing privatization plan, new user registration will continue as normal, however the privatization shall be finished within 2 months.

Two weeks after this announcement (Oct 9th) : All spot trading functions will be terminated and all SaaS clients’ platforms will only support withdrawal function; The customer service team of the exchange could process the withdrawal work by themselves;

Four weeks after this announcement (OCT 16th) : All SaaS platforms shall be closed & seized operation, and all customers that did not finish withdrawal shall be notified to complete the withdrawal, and customer service email support shall be maintained until Nov 16;

Ever since the start of our SaaS business, we have been through up & downs together and we hope we have provided the service up to your expectation, we want thank you full heart for your support for the past, and we wish we can support you again in near future when opportunity arises.

With regards to announcement on Sep 14th “Announcement on the adjustment of ERC20 withdrawal fee”, Bluehelix SaaS has been paid advanced for the ERC20, TRC20, HECO & BEP20 Token fund collection, during this closing period, the advance payment will be discontinued and relevant gas fee will apply for fund collection, more details will be shared later.

For other unbilled value-add service (mainly CDN charges & SMS charges) the bill shall be settled before the final closure and your designated CSM will contact you for that.

Once again, we thank you for your continus support and appreciate your kind understanding, we hope to meet you again and corporate in future endeavors.

Bluehelix SaaS Team

2021 Sep 25th